A-Line is a London-based sustainable brand founded by German-born consultant turned designer Anne-Sophie Kohler. Tired with seeing the waste created by working with leather, the label was founded in 2015 with a distinctive solution. Unable to part with all the loved off-cuts she acquired over the years, Kohler turned them into an iconic patchwork design that’s become A-Line’s signature style.

Working with regional manufacturers in East London, the brand draws on the traditional craft of English artisans. The production process sees all items ethically sourced and made in England, which include leather and shearling. Each jacket is one of a kind and uniquely made with 100% lamb nappa using a patchwork pattern technique, always paying close attention to finishing and detail. Due to the nature of the butter soft fabric, each jacket moulds to the wearer’s silhouette over time, making it a personal addition to any wardrobe.

Championing an attitude against fast fashion and fast life, A-Line leather jackets are specially made for exceptional women with an individual style, who value craftsmanship.

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