6229 jewels Sales Representation


Inspired by history, reinterpreted by designer Giusy Liguori, 6229 draws on gothic, neoclassical, and deco references with a feeling of indie rock, folk and grunge music to create something entirely different. The result focuses on fine details.

Giusy comes from a long line of Italian jewellers; her grandparents opened their first shop in 1958. It's with this spirit that Giusy set up her own line. She says "the number 6229 was the serial number on my Grandfather's brush used by him to wash the 'Amerigo Vespucci' ship during his military service in the 1940's. I symbolically see the brush as a way of removing everything extraneous to create pace and an unhindered vision. The idea represents 'the essential' concept that inspired 6229."

Giusy trained at Istituto Marangoni in Milan and gained experience at Francesco Scognamiglio, Costume National and Etro before launching her label.

6229 Deco Collection