Racine Carrée Sales Representation


Racine Carrée is a style that goes to the heart, to the roots of seduction. It is able to materialise every woman’s object of desire. It is for women who love quality and haute couture , women who want to wear the perfect shoes and do not want to leave the house without them.

Racine Carrée ("square root ) is the abstraction of the double "V" that represents the binary synthesis of a specific style: “the Viviana Vignola style”, a Neapolitan designer, as well as the creator of the brand.

Raised between the smell of the finest leathers and the most exclusive materials in the family tannery, Viviana was born with the passion for shoes. Thus, she began with creating shoes that combined the best quality materials with the most sophisticated techniques.

An object of desire and at the same time a comfortable and secure fit even on vertiginous heels.

The line is stocked in the likes of Coin Excelsior, Deliberti, Bernardelli, Bruna Rosso, Carissima, 51 East and Fred Segal, among others.