Rebecca Björnsdotter Sales Representation


Rebecca Björnsdotter’s surname translates into “bear’s daughter”. And this epitomises the brand. Every collection, every shoe and every tiny detail is thought out to make women feel brave, empowered, beautiful and strong as a bear.

Rebecca Björnsdotter comes from a family of craftsmen with constant curiosity and passion for new solutions.

Rebecca studied Footwear Design and Technology at Cordwainers at London College of Fashion. Here she delved into shoe construction and fell in love with the technical aspects of shoe design. Being able to master all the details is of great importance to her, and her shoes became pieces of art. Since graduating Rebecca has worked as a freelance shoe designer.

In 2016 Rebecca launched her first full collection under her own eponymous brand.

Rebecca’s interest in ancient Nordic history combined with classical elegance and exquisite Italian craftsmanship create a signature look like no other - with an artful touch, adapted for women's everyday life.