Romy Ldn Sales Representation


Romy LDN is a fashion accessories brand, based and produced in London, that focuses on using leather, faux fur and shearling within each collection.

Romy LDN was founded in 2015 by Alice Hickox Macfarlane who dreamt of starting up accessories company that represented and catered for females with busy and fast paced lifestyles. Without compromising style and beauty, she created a brand that would offer accessories for all areas of life, ranging from a backpack that could carry a laptop comfortably to a clutch bag for a party and a hold-all bag for travel.

"My vision was a brand that created beautiful and luxurious pieces but that were not limited to 'saving for best' and that are casual and practical enough for everyday" says Alice.

The Romy LDN customer has a style no matter what her activity or wherever her schedule takes her. She enjoys playing with fashion within her day to day life. She needs her fashion accessories to keep up with her fast paced lifestyle - it has to be chic, and unique as well as practical and comfortable.